Like ancient Greece, Rome began as a humble agricultural community that would transform itself into one of history's most influential civilizations. While the Romans preserved and built on Greek achievements, they eventually developed a distinctly Roman culture with its own form of government, laws and customs.  

At its zenith, Rome was one of the largest and most impressive empires in recorded history. But, it is not only the success of ancient Rome that intrigues historians, it is also Rome's disintegration.  The decline of Rome has fascinated historians for centuries and raises questions about the fall of civilizations and the signs of stagnation and decline.     


Rome: Crash Course History # 10
This is a quick and humourous overview of the rise of the Roman Republic and its transition into the Roman Empire.

Rome: Crash Course History # 12
This is a quick and humourous overview of the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Life of Brian ~ Romans
This video clip taken from Monty Python's The Life of Brian, describes the impact that the Romans have had on our lives.

Ben Hur ~ The Chariot Race
This video clip take from the movie Ben Hur gives you a sense of the danger and intensity of the chariot races that took place in ancient Rome.

BBC History ~ The Ancient Romans
This site contains excellent articles on various subjects pertaining to ancient Rome.  There are also several interactive games that place in the action of Rome.

The Roman Empire in the First Century
From PBS, this site provides background information on the first one hundred years of the Roman Empire.  The most interesting part of this site is the Emperor Game.  In the game you can choose which emperor you want to be, then face real situations where you have to decide what you want to do.



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