Canada Between Two Wars
A brief video that gives a quick overview of the major events of the 1920's in Canada.

Driving Around New York City ~ 1928
A brief video showing the perils of driving in the city during the 1920's.

Crash Course History ~ The Roaring 20's
Although from an American perspective, this video offers good insight into what was happening in North America during the 1920's.

Harold Lloyd in Number Please?
An example of a 1920's comedy.  Alongside Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd was one of the most popular and influential film comedians of the 1920's.

Shooting Stars
A documentary about the Edmonton Grads women's basketball team which formed in 1915 and disbanded in 1940.  During this time they compiled an a amazing record of 502 wins and 20 losses.  Their success is unrivaled in team sports.  

The Famous Five and the Persons Case
A brief documentary about the five Canadian women that challenged the system and won one of Canada's most important legal cases.



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