CHC 2D: Canadian History Since WWI

Unit 1:  The Study of History

Unit 2:  A Nation Beckons

Unit 3:  Canada and World War I

Unit 4:  The Roaring Twenties

Unit 5:  The Dirty Thirties

Unit 6:  Canada and World War II

Unit 7:  Canada and the Modern Era

Major Assignments 

Academic Skills

The Canadian Encyclopedia


Rick Mercer


This course explores some of the pivotal events and experiences that have influenced the development of Canada's identity as a nation from World War I to the present. By examining how the country has responded to economic, social, and technological changes and how

individuals and groups have contributed to Canadian culture and society during this period, students will develop their ability to make connections between historical and current events. Students will have opportunities to formulate questions, locate information, develop informed opinions, and present ideas about the central issues and events of the period.



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